Disassembly & Discovery Pt. 2 – Taking Pictures

I wanted to salvage as much as I could (which was not much) so I thought I’d at least be able to re-use the floor-to-ceiling cabinet and the kitchen cabinet and may be the kitchen base cabinet. However, (and I learned why later) I was not able to remove them intact for two reasons: One, the clutch-head screws were almost all so badly rusted that I couldn’t get them out (or they were bafflingly inaccessable) and Two, even when I was able to get the screws out the cabinets seemed to still be screwed to the frame somehow.

In the end, I had to use a hammer and a sawsall to get them out so I could remove the paneling which was so rotten in most places that it practically fell off. I wore TWO masks through all of this.

I was watching videos on YouTube about trailers and trying to see what other people had done. One thing they all said was “take lots of pictures.” So I did.

I feel bad for the garbage men that had to pick up all of the crap I tore out of that trailer. I was amazed at the pile of rubble I left at the curb two weeks in a row.