Disassembly & Discovery Pt. 1 – The Cleanout

Wise Men Say Only Fools Rush In

I got the Comanche home and I couldn’t wait to start pulling out all of the nasty, moldy carpet and paneling. The cushions were moldy, the ceiling was falling in, the windows were boarded over, there were mirrors everywhere to reflect the meager lighting, and everything smelled like mold. With garbage day fast approaching I tried to get as far as I could as fast as I could.

The P.O. had added a permanent bunk above the gaucho bed, and lots of other things. He was very resourceful and had used car parts and refrigerator parts. Look at the stove pictures to see how he (quite ingeniously) used an automotive coil and spark plugs to make an ignitor for the stove.

To hide the water-damaged paneling, he had added carpet up to the beltline which just became a mold-farm. The furnace did not appear to be original because I could see that he’d fabricated parts of the vent tube from tailpipe, and nothing that was propane powered looked to be safe at all. So out it all went. Even the icebox was too gross to keep.