Windows Pt. 1 – Removal and Cleaning

Restoring the Windows

I haven’t been able to find much on the Internet in the way of information on Comanche trailers. I’ve found a few Pinterest photos but not much else. They were Made in Elkhart, Indiana and I have the original title that identified this trailer as a ’65. That’s about all I know.

Lots of trailers of this era have Hehr windows. Mine were made by LeVan Metal Sash Co. of Elkhart, Indiana. Guess how much info is on the Internet about them? That’s right, none 🙂

The first thing I did was to take out all of the window cranks and try to get the panes of glass to actuate. Then I removed them one at a  time and cleaned them, stripped the paint, and finally polished them the best I could with Mother’s.

I called and they sent out a sample pack of seals they could recommend since the ones on my windows were unusual and probably no longer available. I was able to get pretty close on the “Y” seal that seals the vertical edge of the windows. For the other seals I settled on foam seals with an adhesive backing.

 I have several broken rivets that will need to be replaced as well.