Design & Build Pt. 6 – Curb Side Wall Repair and Skin

This week I got a lot of work done on the street side wall, which was a major milestone. The weather is going to get colder soon and I have to think about securing the trailer for the winter, too. I’m trying to get as much work done as possible in the next coupe of months. 

Like the other wall, I braced the frame and then removed the aluminum skin and replaced the rotten wood. I made a laminated replacement piece for the rear radius on this side as well. Then, with the help of my lovely assistant Kelly, we skinned it and stained it, and made a wall that will have a cabinet attached to it. This wall is also a major support piece for the outer walls. 

Finally I made the frame for the roof, recreating it from the measurements that I took during the tear-down. Due to some bad math, a couple of the cross pieces are an inch off. I was so mad! I made such careful notes! I may be able to roll with it as I don’t think that it ultimately will effect the skin and panel adversely. The next steps will be to make any adjustments necessary, skin the roof or “key” area and permanently attach the walls and ceiling before finally building the cross ties for the front and back. I’m hoping to get all of that done before winter. Wish me luck!