A Series of Unfortunate Events

Things looked so hopeful at the end of that last post, didn’t they? (Cue ominous background music)

It was fall and would soon be too coId to spread stain and work outside. The trailer was too tall to fit in the garage, so I had constructed a tarp cocoon to seal up the trailer for the winter. I was certain that I could pick up where I left off in the spring.

But it was an unusually rainy fall, and October in particular was just constant wind and rain. The pandemic was easing up and I was working more, and I had no time to work on the trailer. One weekend I decided to peek under the tarp and see how everything was faring. My heart sank to my heels when I saw what had happened to my masterpiece.

The constant rain had somehow made it through the tarp in a few places and warped my countertop. Even worse, I had mold spots starting in some of the places that had been consistently damp. It was a total setback. I was so discouraged. The only thing I could think of to save it was to take down the walls and cabinets and store them in the garage, tarp off the floor, and wait for better weather.