Design & Build Pt. 2 – Totally floored

Kind of a mile stone last week, I finished building the floor, got the wheel wells installed, and laid down some linoleum. Now it’s time to start building cabinets. Since I busted out all of the original cabinets (I didn’t know they attach from the metal side – i.e. the outside) I am faced with trying to build new ones from scratch now.

I’ve been researching other builds online to see if I could get a glimpse of the exposed framing on dinette seats. And one of Larry’s videos he deconstructs a 1954 jewel trailer and reveals a lot of the structure of the cabinets. I’m using that as a jumping off point. Wish me luck 😉

Speaking of luck, my dad it was downsizing his tool collection and gave me a router and a bunch of clamps and a Kreig pocket hole driller. Tailor made for what I’m trying to do with this trailer. The dark side of it is that he had a heart attack around Thanksgiving last year and realized his priorities have shifted and he didn’t need them anymore. I wish I could’ve gotten them under better circumstances but they will certainly be a major help. Thanks dad!