Design & Build Pt. 1 – There’s no place to go but up

I took the trailer apart all the way down to the frame and patched some rusty spots. Then I wire wheeled the whole thing, washed it with Simple Green, and prepped it for POR-15 paint. I used an aluminum spray paint for the silver spots. It took soooooo long and the weather was record high temps – muggy and humid Michigan summer days in the 90s with the heat index well above that.

I made meticulous drawings from measurements I took during the deconstruction, so it was easy to lay out the floor. I used a router with a cutoff bit to remove the holes for the wheel tubs.

I got new bushings and grade 8 mounting bolts for the springs, new axle bolts, new seals for the hubs, and wire wheeled everything before prepping and painting with POR-15. Finally I was able to put the whole shebang together and hang the axle.

I can’t tell you how good it feels to be done with cleaning, repair, and tracking down suspension parts